Baby Blues (2012 Demo)

by Sleepwalk Parade

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I got a mandolin under my bed. I got a pre-calc course buried in my head
I got a number 2 pencil and it's full of lead - waiting on the words that I thought but I never said
I got these tangled up veins that could bleed red but the oxygen in my room is all blue baby dead
Motivation is vindication. That's what they said. Get outta bed and try the world instead
But what I have right now is a cigarette in my fingertips and I have all the power to pull it up inbetween my lips
I send the synapses to process it into something quick, and that's all I need in this minute

I don't wanna face it. I don't wanna fight the song that's stuck in my head - sing it till I die.
I don't need a reason underneath the sheets. The pillow hold my head up as I'm dreamin the baby blues

Good morning sunset. I like your hazy glow. It's easy on my squinty eyes and my soggy head.
So it's oatmeal at dusk - liquor at dawn. I step out of the door to the empty streets. The big city sleeps
It's just me and my headphones my brain is feeding off of the darkness - a big black hole that I fall into and come out digital.
Eyes on the widescreen - my body's turning to tiny pixels. Nazis and zombies and sex and violence and baby blues...

Hey, I'm a clusterfuck. I'm riding uppers on my luck. Trying to get my mood down to a chemistry - thoughts something that I can see. I think I'm crackin up.
Hey, I'm a sick machine. I'm blowin through my batteries - chuggin down on gasoline - 1's and 0's all I see. I think I'm breakin down.


released March 1, 2013
recorded & mixed by tim mosher @ last stand studio december 2012



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Sleepwalk Parade Rochester, New York

Indie Pop/Folk/Rock from Rochester NY

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